Spring 2014 Recreational Schedule
Moore Park
Fabacher Park

Home - White
Away - Blue

First Ever U5/U6 Jamboree Saturday, April 12th

Guaranteed 2 games, Participation award for everyone, Fun Games, Face Painting

Click here to dowload registration form Deadline to register is Saturday, April 5th.

Fall 2013 Recreational Schedule

2013 Coca Cola Cup Champions and Finalists

2013 Coca-Cola Cup Champions & Finalists
Boys Girls
U7 Gold Champions - Cajun Hammers (Carriere) U7 Gold Champions - Shooting Stars (Delhomme)
U7 Gold Finalist - Blue Flames (Falls) U7 Gold Finalist - Smurfettes (Nugent)
U7 Silver Champions - Autobots (Ducote) U7 Silver Champions - Pixes (Randell)
U7 Silver Finalist - Team Fire (Brooks) U7 Silver Finalist - Tiger Sharks (Lowenstein)
U7 Bronze Champions - Thuderstorms (Angelle) U7 Bronze Champions - Pink Cheetahs (Jock)
U7 Bronze Finalists - Lanksharks (Romero) U7 Bronze Finalists - Fire & Ice Angels (Chachere)
U8 Gold Champions - Bluerunners (Edmond) U8 Gold Champions - Super Girls (Maestri)
U8 Gold Finalist - Southside Saints (Leger) U8 Gold Finalist - Wurst (Cajun Ice)
U8 Silver Champions - Flash (Lejeune) U8 Silver Champions - Sidekicks (Thibeaux)
U8 Silver Finalist - Wildcats (Mouton) U8 Silver Finalist - Bluebirds (Ellender)
U9 Gold Champions - Grizzles (Norse) U9 Champions - Sharpshooters (Sonnier)
U9 Gold Finalist - Strikers (Smith) U9 Finalist - Bue Monsters (Alleman/Underwood)
U9 Silver Champions - Cowboys FC (Auzenne)
U9 Silver Champions - Ninjas Soccer (Hernandez) U10 Champions - Voo Doo Dolls (Brasseaux)
U10 Finalist - Rockstars (Davis)
U10 Champions - Cruisers (Fair)
U10 Finalist - Blue Flacons (Meneses) U12 Champions - Blue Angels (Skinner)
U12 Finalist - Wildcats (Blanchard)
U11 Gold Champions - Strikers (D Guidry)
U11 Gold Finalist - Blazers (J Guidry) U15 Champions - Stompers (Domingue)
U11 Silver - Aniksdal U15 Finalists - Cyclones (Bourque)
U11 Silver - Robinson
U12 Gold Champions - Bobcats (Cambre)
U12 Gold Finalist - Riverside Galaxy (Chopin)
U12 Silver Champions - Cajun Chaos (Brasseaux)
U12 Silver Finalist - Oleske
Congratulations to all of our Champions and Finalist on such a successful season