2014 Fall Recreational Schedules

Any games after October 9th will need to be rescheduled and if you are only scheduled for 3 games, your age group will be reseeded following the 3rd set of games.

Home - White
Away - Blue

2013 Coca Cola Cup Champions and Finalists

2013 Coca-Cola Cup Champions & Finalists
Boys Girls
U7 Gold Champions - Cajun Hammers (Carriere) U7 Gold Champions - Shooting Stars (Delhomme)
U7 Gold Finalist - Blue Flames (Falls) U7 Gold Finalist - Smurfettes (Nugent)
U7 Silver Champions - Autobots (Ducote) U7 Silver Champions - Pixes (Randell)
U7 Silver Finalist - Team Fire (Brooks) U7 Silver Finalist - Tiger Sharks (Lowenstein)
U7 Bronze Champions - Thuderstorms (Angelle) U7 Bronze Champions - Pink Cheetahs (Jock)
U7 Bronze Finalists - Lanksharks (Romero) U7 Bronze Finalists - Fire & Ice Angels (Chachere)
U8 Gold Champions - Bluerunners (Edmond) U8 Gold Champions - Super Girls (Maestri)
U8 Gold Finalist - Southside Saints (Leger) U8 Gold Finalist - Wurst (Cajun Ice)
U8 Silver Champions - Flash (Lejeune) U8 Silver Champions - Sidekicks (Thibeaux)
U8 Silver Finalist - Wildcats (Mouton) U8 Silver Finalist - Bluebirds (Ellender)
U9 Gold Champions - Grizzles (Norse) U9 Champions - Sharpshooters (Sonnier)
U9 Gold Finalist - Strikers (Smith) U9 Finalist - Bue Monsters (Alleman/Underwood)
U9 Silver Champions - Cowboys FC (Auzenne)
U9 Silver Champions - Ninjas Soccer (Hernandez) U10 Champions - Voo Doo Dolls (Brasseaux)
U10 Finalist - Rockstars (Davis)
U10 Champions - Cruisers (Fair)
U10 Finalist - Blue Flacons (Meneses) U12 Champions - Blue Angels (Skinner)
U12 Finalist - Wildcats (Blanchard)
U11 Gold Champions - Strikers (D Guidry)
U11 Gold Finalist - Blazers (J Guidry) U15 Champions - Stompers (Domingue)
U11 Silver - Aniksdal U15 Finalists - Cyclones (Bourque)
U11 Silver - Robinson
U12 Gold Champions - Bobcats (Cambre)
U12 Gold Finalist - Riverside Galaxy (Chopin)
U12 Silver Champions - Cajun Chaos (Brasseaux)
U12 Silver Finalist - Oleske
Congratulations to all of our Champions and Finalist on such a successful season